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J&B Professional Tree Service truck
In 1976, I fell in love with climbing and the removal of trees. It is very challenging to work around and over homes and buildings. I was very fascinated with how I learned to take trees down with several techniques without touching anything of great value. I purchased a pair of climb spikes, two ropes, a body harness and two chain saws and decided to put my skills to work. I climbed for 19 years of our business and loved every minute of it. Good hard work never hurts anyone! We started to grow through dedicated customers and our quality of work performed by our trained certified employees. As we have grown with our customer relations, we try harder each day to give complete satisfaction at a professional level. Our name is still going strong after 30 years of business throughout a 50-mile radius of Kalamazoo County.
We are located on five acres in Portage, Mich. We have been doing crane service for 30 years, taking down the really big trees. We do complete stump removal, for which we have a portable stump machine for those hard-to-get-to stumps inside fenced-in areas or tough-to-get-to terraced yards. We recycle all the byproducts of our business. We split seasoned firewood, and cut the lumber (boards) out of the wood we harvest. We chip all the limb wood and sell the chips at a lower price to our customers for landscaping and playgrounds.
J & B Professional Tree Service, Inc. employs over 15 employees during our peak season. We offer great insurance to our employees and to our customers. We have two million dollars of coverage for property damage and liability, one million for workers’ compensation and medical insurance, a dental program and 401K plans for our employees. We have more word of mouth referrals than we do in advertising in many places. Many letters of appreciation and thank-you cards are received weekly from our customers.