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Worried About Storm Damage? What Homeowners Can Do to Keep Trees Healthy


For many homeowners, lush, green trees are the foundation for a truly beautiful yard. Healthy trees protect the home from wind and sun, add privacy, and provide family members and pets with cooling shade during hot summer days. Trees that are well-located and properly pruned and cared for can also add curb appeal and market value, making the home more attractive to prospective buyers.

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Recognize the Asian Long-Horned Beetle to Save Local Trees


The first time you see an Asian longhorned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis), you may experience both between fear and wonder. Asian long-horned beetles (ALB) are shiny, large, and protected by a black exoskeleton dotted with white splotches. Their long striped antenna looks like something out of a video game or comic book. ALB populations pose little threat to humans despite their savage appearance. They do pose a critical threat to any trees they infest. Public and private organizations have been working hard to eradicate the ALB from North America.

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