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Tree Removal

There are times when removing a tree is the only option due to damage from high winds, storms, lightning and ice. Our specialists will examine your property then determine the best treatment and option for the landscape and the homeowner.
Trees often show signs that are not healthy. A few of these signs include:
  • Hollowing at the trunk of the tree.
  • Rotting in the tree.
  • Fungus growing on the roots or the trunk of the tree.
  • Mushrooms growing at the base of the tree.
  • The tree is 50 percent dead on the top of the tree.
  • The tree is leaning more than it has in the past.

Benefits of Our Tree Trimming and Stump Removal

  • Keeps pests away: A tree service can prevent damage away from trees. Treatments will eliminate pests that eat, destroy and even kill trees.
  • Prevent diseases: A tree service can identify disease then provide a treatment along with a solution that prevents any diseases from returning.
  • Add growth: A tree service can prune trims properly and add growth to trees.
  • Removal: A tree service can remove damaged trees so the tree doesn’t infect other trees, shrubs and landscaping.
There are many benefits that come with hiring a professional tree service. It also provides safety to your family and home. When a tree is too close to a home or wires, it is dangerous. Storms often come through here, and one good wind can have a tree in the middle of a home or knock down all of the wires that go to your home. This is one of the main reasons to hire a professional tree company.

Tree Pruning – Why Is It Important?

Tree Pruning should be done by a specialist who will know the exact time of year that the tree should be pruned. If a tree is pruned the wrong time of year, it can cause damage or death to the tree. One of the best investments that a homeowner can make in their trees is to prune them. It will lengthen the life, along with adding beauty.
Why is tree pruning important? One of the main reasons to do tree pruning is to eliminate any diseased branches that are on the tree. The specialist can evaluate the tree and determine if tree pruning can save the tree. It will allow the tree to add new growth alone. Tree pruning will also form a tree into a beautiful shape. It can cut back growth that is near any power lines or the home. The trunk of a tree is like the heart of the tree. For primary limbs to grow and be healthy, the limbs must be pruned. Pruning trees will remove any diseased branches. The diseased branches will not affect the trunk of the tree if they have been removed. A specialist will trim trees properly by trimming on the branch side of a node. If a person who has been called out to trim your trees doesn’t know about the branch side of the node, they just cut the branch anywhere, which can destroy the tree’s life. This is why it is essential to hire a tree trimming specialist.

Why Hire a Professional