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Why Get Pro Stump Removal?

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When You Should Forgo a DIY Approach to Removing a Tree Stump

If you're the do-it-yourself type, you might roll up your sleeves and take care of any trees on your property that need cutting down. With the right tools and experience, it's possible to cut down a tree in a safe and controlled manner—while also making safety a top priority.
After you're done this job, you're left with a stump that will require some attention, too. Leaving the stump jutting up from the lawn results in an eyesore, so it's ideal to get rid of this hefty chunk of wood. Some people may wish to rent a stump grinder and remove their stump on their own, but you can also take a step back and recruit a professional.
Many professional tree services offer stump grinding and can take care of this job for you. Here are some times that you should forgo the DIY approach and hire a professional.

The Stump Is Fresh

When you cut down a rotten tree, getting rid of the stump is typically fairly easy. The spinning blade on your stump grinder will slice through the rotten wood and you'll have the work done in short order.
However, this isn't the case when you've just cut down a tree that was healthy—especially if it was a hardwood tree. In this scenario, the trunk will be extremely tough—and you might be in for a long and challenging project to grind the stump until it's flush with the top of your lawn.
Instead of putting yourself through this ordeal, you won't regret hiring a tree service to do the work for you.

The Stump Is in an Awkward Spot

Generally, working on a stump that is positioned out in the open is easier than addressing one in a confined area.
If your stump is close to a fence or a retaining wall or in another similar location, it will be difficult to reach it with your rented stump grinder. As such, you'll face more of a challenging job than you might expect, leaving you tired and frustrated by the time the work is complete.
With his or her skills, experience, and selection of tools, a professional can make shorter work of a stump in a difficult position.

You're Concerned About Damage

The spinning blade on the stump grinder can make pieces of wood airborne, which can potentially lead to damage. For example, flying pieces of wood could break a window in your home, dent your siding, or otherwise cause damage.
You don't want to harm your own property, nor do you want to be liable for any damage caused to a neighbor's house or vehicle that is close to the stump. A professional will take care to avoid such damage—he or she will not only exercise caution with the grinding itself but may also wrap nearby objects with tarps or heavy blankets to protect them.

You Have Physical Limitations

Even if you've been able to cut down your tree on your own, you'll want to think twice about grinding the stump if you have physical limitations. For example, if you suffer from back pain, you probably would regret grinding the stump. Doing so requires you to often stand in a slightly bent position as you hold the stump grinder, which can exacerbate exciting back discomfort.
Similarly, if you lack arm strength, you may find that it's difficult to operate the heavy-duty stump grinder for a long period of time. In this case, leaving the job to a professional is your best bet.
To schedule a tree service representative to visit your home and take care of your tree stump for you, contact J & B Professional Tree Service, Inc.